Do you have official pages for your small business on social media? If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare and the other social media platforms your audience uses, now is the perfect time to get started with social media marketing. Here are five helpful tips you should follow to quickly develop your presence on this platform and get good results with this campaign.

Make your social media profiles easy to find in your local city of East Lansing Michigan

You need to take the time to carefully fill out your different profiles and make sure the information is up to date and consistent from one site to another. A good social media profile for your small business should include helpful information such as a link to your official website, your address, phone number and opening hours. You should also use the full name of your business to make your profiles easy to find and upload images of your logo and storefront so that people can easily identify your business.

Give people a reason to connect with you on social media

social media tips for small business
social media tips for small business

Why should your customers follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page or write a review of your small business on FourSquare? You need to give your audience a reason to connect with you on social media and keep in mind that this aspect of social media marketing really depends on the groups you are targeting. Some target audiences will like a page on Facebook because they want their friends to know they identify with this brand while others will simply connect with you on social media to keep up with the deals you are offering. You might find that offering a promotion to encourage people to connect with you social media is a good way to boost your campaign, for instance by organizing a giveaway or giving a small discount to the shoppers who like your Facebook page before completing their purchase.

Encourage people to review and rate your small business in East Lansing Michigan

Results from social media platforms rank higher than ever before in search engines thanks to recent changes made by Google and other search engines to their algorithms. This means your Facebook page or your FourSquare listing could rank fairly high in search results when an Internet user looks up a specific type of business in your location. Encourage your clients to share reviews or to rate your business on the social media platforms that provide you with these features.

Use social media to bring more people to drive sales 

If you have a brick and mortar business, you need to focus on sharing content that will bring people to your location. You could for instance share coupon codes or information about other promotional offers you are offering. If you run an online business, focus on sharing content that will make your followers want to click on the links you share to your official website. Keep track of which posts bring the most traffic and share exclusive promotional offers on social media to easily count the shoppers who visited your store after seeing these offers on social media. Use your findings to share more content similar to the posts or offers that lead to the most sales.

Use social media for customer service

social media tips for small business
social media tips for small business

A lot of brands are giving their Facebook fans or Twitter followers the possibility to ask questions and receive assistance on these platforms. Good customer service includes providing your audience with a number of ways to contact you, and consumers are now expecting businesses to provide customer service via social media. Using social media for customer service is also a great way to be more transparent and to show potential customers that you are dedicated to offering a great experience to everyone and that you always do your best to make things right when someone complains.

These five tips will help you get started with your social media marketing campaign, but keep in mind that you will probably have to adapt these strategies to your target audience. You also need to monitor your results to assess which strategies work best for your small business in East Lansing Michigan!